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Waldorf Dolls are handmade. It’s a creative process, not mass production so each doll is unique. My dolls are often made with a specific child in mind. In the process of creating a doll to order, you can customize it to the interests of each child.

They are made only of high quality natural materials. They are stuffed with a sheep fleece that has the properties of trapping heat and absorbing odors. Therefore, unlike plastic dolls, it is often said that Waldorf Dolls are “warm” have the scent of the home they live in. Extremely strong cotton in the color of the human skin is used specially for sewing these dolls. The hair is made of yarn, mohair, boucle or longer animal hair. The doll’s clothes are sewn, knitted or crocheted and, like in the case of the doll itself, they are made of natural materials, for each doll individually.


My name is Barbara Staszak and I welcome you to my website. I’m a mum of two daughters and I understand that for a child a doll is not just an ordinary toy but a friend and a childhood companion. Since the time when, for the special request of my older daughter, I sewed the first Waldorf’s Doll, I fell in love with them immensely. Since then, sewing dolls, creating something unique – an exceptional toy – is my passion. I think that my work puts smile on child’s face. This confirms for me that I made the right choice by giving up corporate work in favor of giving children something dedicated to them, a new friend, who will be a companion through good and bad.


Waldorf’s Dolls are made to playtime and hugs. They are to become the child’s best friend and companion, so a little dirt is normal. If the Waldorf’s Dolls gets grubby, it’s best to gently wipe the stain with a cloth soaked in water with mild soap immediately. In case of larger problem with dirt, a bath may be necessary. Wash the doll in lukewarm water with gentle washing-up liquid added. During the bath, hard-to-remove dirt should be wiped with a delicate washcloth or your fingers. Always be careful not to rub in one place for too long. Although the fabric from which the doll’s skin is made is very strong, it can puff slightly when scrubbed. When you have finished washing the doll, it should be rinsed in clean water. Because the Waldorf’s Dolls are filled with sheep’s fleece, they take a long time to dry.. After bathing, it is the best to wrap the doll in a towel and gently pat it, then leave it in a dry and warm place until it dries. Although waiting for it to dry may be difficult for a child, you must not speed up this process by putting the dolls directly on radiators, stoves or other heat sources. When the doll is clean and dry, you can reapply some blush, which after bathing will have washed off.. For this purpose, I attach a piece of special wax to each of my dolls.

I will also mention that despite the strong material and careful sewing you must be aware that holes may appear over time on the fabric. These should be sewn as soon as possible.. If you think that bigger repair is needed, I will be happy to help. Before sending me a doll for repair, please contact me via e-mail to arrange all the details.


Some of the dolls on my website are available for purchase. Dolls can be bought directly from me. In order to complete a purchase, please contact me through the form on the website or via email:, or in my store located on Etsy.

I make dolls mainly to order. If you already have an idea for your dream doll, please send me a description of it. . I will send an e-mail confirming the order acceptance immediately along with an estimated date by which the doll will be created . I do not take advances payment. Before sending the doll I show photos for final approval via e-mail. After receiving the agreed amount I send the doll. Typically I need one week to make one doll. I make dolls according to dates of received orders. I photograph and describe every work on the website and on social media.

Together we will determine:


Whether it is a girl, a boy or maybe a baby




Skin tone


Length and color of hair, whether the hairstyle is to be laid permanently or suitable for change, of which material hair will be made (wool, mohair, boucle, natural animal hair)


Eyes color, shape of eyebrows


Main color of clothes


You can also choose a face expression for your little friend, for example cheerful or thoughtful


If you do not know exactly what your doll should look like, let me advice you what you should consider before you order.

Child's age

Dolls for smaller children are sewn differently than for older children. For a very small child I would recommend a smaller doll without the possibility of changing clothes and hairstyle. Such doll is easier to play with and lacks small elements like buttons, buckles etc. For older children dolls have more details and possibility of changing hairstyles. Arms and legs are also sewn in a different way.

The size of the doll

I sew dolls of any size, so the dimensions are up to you. I will only suggest that typical dolls for older children are about 16 inches, while for younger children 12 inches dolls are handier. Such dolls are lighter and better suited to a small hand

Interests of the child

If your child has favorite colors or hobbies (pet, cars, etc.), it’s a good idea to use them when creating a doll outfit.




The price depends on the labor required to make the doll, the quantity of clothes and the type of hair.

Doll (girl, boy, baby) about 12 inches with clothes 100 – 230 USD plus shipping costs

Doll (girl, boy, baby) about 16 inches with clothes 110 – 230 USD plus shipping costs

Doll (girl, boy, baby) about 20 inches with clothes 150 – 260 USD plus shipping costs

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